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Jump was founded in September 2010 as a small regional airline in Durban which should competite the established airlines in South Africa. The first fleet consisted of small Bombardier CRJ-200 but very fast first Bombardier CRJ-700 for the routes between Durban and Cape Town/Johannesburg were leased. Since this day Jump has grown rapidly and were able to conquer much larger airlines with the result they had to stop business. Nowadays the fleet consists of 89 planes, from the small CRJ-200 with 42 seats up to the Boeing 777-200ER with 255 seats. Jump became the largest airline in Africa with weekly about 290,000 passengers.

Still, the Canadair Regional Jets 200 and 700 are the backbone of the fleet and gaining many transfer passengers in the network but more and more the way larger Boeing 737 Next Generation are getting more important that we also ordered five new Boeing 737-900ER just for domestic routes. 46 destinations are available in 24 countries in Africa, Arabia and Europe from flights originate in Johannesburg OR Tambo International (254 daily departures), Cape Town International [font="Arial"](112 daily departures), Durban King Shaka International (98 daily departures) and Port Elizabeth (30 daily departures).[/font]



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Sibusiso Madikizela - CEO[/font][/size]

Below a standard livery on a CRJ-200.

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Today Jump founded its first subsidiary in Luanda, Angola. The success have to be proven. For the start-up airline two Bombardier CRJ-200ER were leased which fly from Angola on domestic routes to Cabinda and Huambo and on international routes to Brazzaville (Congo), Douala (Cameroon), Lagos (Nigeria) via Malabo (Equatorial Guinea) and Libreville (Gabon). All destinations are new in Jump’s network and getting connections to many flights via Luanda in Johannesburg - a small new route from Cape Town to Luanda is planned.

Jump today announced an upgrade on Johannesburg to Sao Paulo (UJ 828/829) from actual two weekly to five weekly flights from Monday to Friday at 1145. Additional weekend flights are planned to start in late July or August with larger equipment. The actual weekend traffic is routed to Rio de Janeiro (UJ 868/869) from Friday to Sunday. Wednesday UJ 870/871 connects Johannesburg with Belo Horizonte. All flights same time and all flights with Boeing 777-200ER.

The Jump African Society Alliance will support independent airlines mainly from “newbies” in this game which want to start their experience on the large African continent. The largest airline Africas Jump and by far the largest independent airline on our beautiful continent is main supporter. It’s just an offer which can be also offered for airlines on the whole continent but just leasing airplanes or IPO help, whatever, in Africa a whole system will support new player like they want.


Cape Town International (South Africa)

Durban King Shaka International (South Africa)

Johannesburg OR Tambo International (South Africa)

Port Elizabeth International (South Africa)

Jump City

Johannesburg OR Tambo International (South Africa)

Jump Angola

Luanda Quatro de Fevereiro International (Angola)

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Jump fleet announcement

Today five Airbus A320-200 were leased which will go on line from 20th August. The 114-seats two class Airbus A320 will replace the smaller Boeing 737-700 in first instance, another mix of Airbus A320 and Airbus A321 will replace the Boeing 737-800 and 900ER.

CEO: We made a contract with Airbus S.A. for 15 Airbus A320 and 15 Airbus A321 in addition to the five already taken-up used Airbus A320 which will be based in Johannesburg and in Cape Town as well. They will be all delivered till December 2011. Until we’ll have some further talks for additional Airbus A320/A321 - amount lays between ten up to 30 planes of both types together. Also we got away from Boeing with this order we’ll stay with the widebodies with an order for five Boeing 787-8 from 2012. Jump has to be successful even with rising fuel prices and we have to take care of which planes we fly and after some evaluations we had to go this way - also in eye Airbus will come up with the new Airbus A320NEO in “far” future, while Boeing’s ol’ Boeing 737 can’t competite with the flexible Airbusses."

The CEO also didn’t declined the possibility an enlargement of the order with 15-25 more planes (also A319-100 in this case) with additional 30-40 orders for modern designed planes, e.g. Embraer’s E-Jet or the Sukhoi SSJ.

Jump has now an active fleet of 45 Airbus A319 (10), Airbus A320 (20) and Airbus A321 (15) with 10 more Airbus A318 on order for the next days. Five additional Airbus A318 and five Airbus A319 will join the fleet latest beginning of November. Till this point all Boeing 737-800 (2 are left and wil leave fleet next days), all Bombardier CRJ-1000 and CRJ-200 (except the both bought ones) will have left the fleet. We’re actual evaluating a mix of more Airbus A32x to replace the 30 CRJ-700. In January we expect a fleet of 100+ Airbusses (?!).


We can be successfull without spamming with Boeing 737-900ER! In the coming weeks we will get the title as biggest airline of Africa back (we’re already de-facto). We have well booked flights - yes, it’s true - while we don’t have to spam around with small equipment and wasting slots everywhere on these small earth. JUMP is the only African airline which has a fleet with widebodies. Three Boeing 777-200ER will get some brothers & sisters 'cause we have significantly booking increases. Some new destinations are planned but still without any long flight in a tube.

JUMP - The only serious way to see Africa!