Language Icon after nickname

As some of you might have recognized, it is, since the servers are no longer german- / english-only sometimes difficult to find out how to communicate with others. I refer in this case to some IL/stock exchange/whatever-negotiations i had with some other players here. Normally contacting someone in a "wrong" language was no problem, since the google-translator may have helped. But simply having a little language- or flag-icon behind the users nickname would make things a whole lot easier, since everybody could simply add icons for every language he speaks. Also, this should be pretty easy to implement in the game!

Any other ideas concerning that topic??


you may just have opened the proverbial can of worms :)

I am not against your proposal. It could be nice (in my case) to easily find oter Dutch or Belgian players. On the other hand, I don’t know if it is such a good idea to stimulate people (who speak the same language) to group together. When I see that half of the alliances on Stapleton (who put information on their home page) advertise themselves in German, I sometimes wonder if I am welcome on that server.

Anyway, if you merge German servers with international servers… you end up with international servers.


Well, this is not about grouping players by their nations… This is more or less, to give them the possibility to know in which language to communicate! That alliances advertise themselves as german alliances is not - lets say - ideal. In the alliance i am in, we partly switched to english in our forum, to give our friends & partners the possibility to not use googletranslator.

I do not think, that knowing which language others speak would cause any racist or nationalist movement! I for example speak english, german AND icelandic. finding somebody else through these flag-icons would be kind of funny - huh?! ;)

Hi Sarn,

As I said, I am not against the idea. One of the nice features of the old forum was that it showed your nationality flag, and I liked the diversity. It showed that AS is an international community.

And I am not worried by nationalism or racism. If you started writing racist comments on your alliance forum, they would probably kick you out. But people have a natural tendency to flock together. Gemütlich zusammen. Why else would they create alliances that say:

That is not a problem on the Tempelhof server. I shrug and look for another alliance. Plenty to choose from.

The Stapleton server however is different. It is the first mixed server, and as a result you get something like half German, half rest-of-the-world. That is the only reason why I would not make it easier for groups to recognise each other and flock together.

But perhaps I worry too much. Give it a try and see what happens. Besides, on the long run (when more servers are mixed and the game gets more international players) you won’t have a problem like this.


By the way, for all non-german-speakers: I posted exactly the same thing in the german part of this forum, and right now, there are only people agreeing with my idea. Also, i got 4 "likes" on my post there. So the idea seems to be more welcome in the german forum

Anyhow, i haven´t heard anything from the AS-team!?!

I also believe that it is a great idea: otherwise I always have to guess what language to use when contacting someone. Like this we could first make communication easier and secondly show how international AS really is!

Imagine all those flags :)

Should be fine indeed. I get german private masseges all the time and then i have to tell them that i do not speak german.

I don’t think this would create a problem at all, it’s only a big adventage.


After that rather positive response here, and also in the german part of the forum, i would like to bring this topic to the top again, hoping that any of the AS-Team would give us an update whether, and until when it is planned to bring this feature!

Sorry, can’t give any information about that at the moment. We have to put it into our production planning as well. So we kindly ask for your understanding that we can’t give any further information at the moment.

Good news! Anyhow, if you can´t give any further information, I still have one last question: When will we get a status update like a detailed list of the things you are working on & planning to do and something like a rough schedule? I know that it is hard to say, at what time a certain feature will be there, but a rough overview should be possible. If there are delays, then - well, then there are delays. Nobody wants your schedule to be perfect. If Boeing and Airbus can´t work according to their schedule, why should you!? ;)

At the moment we can’t even do this, due to some changes in the personal circumstances at the key persons. But there will be some updates soon. Don’t expect them within days, but within the next few weeks!