Largest airline in Delhi looking for alliance


Air Guriya is the largest airline in India by Seat-km, and the largest airline in Delhi by the number of departures and by market share. We operate a young fleet of 9 Embraer jets and 2 Bombardier Dash-8-400s. We fly to most major domestic Indian destinations, and a number of smaller ones as well. Internationally, we currently fly to Lahore, Kathmandu, Bangkok and Colombo. Our plan is to remain the largest airline in Delhi and to grow domestically and internationally, and also to grow at our focus cities in Kolkata, Hyderabad and Bangalore.

Now we are looking to join and alliance or create a new one. The main requirements are:

If the alliance has another member in India, it must be hubbed in Mumbai.

The alliance does not fly a lot of outdated equipment.

If an alliance is interested, or if you would like to start a new alliance, send a PM either on the forums or in-game.


Air Guriya

I’m Interested but you need 2 co-members