leasing cargo terminal


I’d got the contract for lease cargo terminal with discount 30% for 200 units . I pay 200X17,5= 3500 every week to the owner of terminal. Question is: why I still have charges as 17.50 for every cargo unit on every flight and I paying for cargo contract every week?! Where is my saving money ? I expect : you don’t have pay money for your cargo units on your flights in case of you have contract and you have weekly payments to owner . Please , explain me if i’m wrong…


if you sign a contract for 200 units in airport X, it means that 200 units per week can be handled. This is limited to flights that leave airport X.

If you just signed the contract, you have to wait until the new flights are handled in that terminal. When you end the contract, it will effectively stop at the end of the week, on the day you pay for the service.

If you use AS handling, you pay per cargo unit. If you sign a contract for 200 units at a private terminal, you pay for 200 units, even if your planes only carry 150 units. If your planes carry more than 200 units, the excess cargo will be handled by AS.

Someone please correct me if I am wrong or incomplete… I don’t use cargo terminals :wink:


Did you assign flights to the contract?