leasing contracts

Hi guys!

What happens if I cancel the leasing contract before the delivery day? Do I get all my deposit money back?

Thanks a lot!

As a matter of curiosity I just terminated one - the partial answer is that you don’t get the money back straight away - I’ll see how long it takes ;)

Thanks a lot!

I am sure that, the latest possible day is exactly one week after the day the aircraft is delivered…But i still hope to get my money back sooner!

You will get rid of the aircraft as soon as the first payment has been completed.

EDIT: You actually have to pay leasing fees for one week, even if you do not use the aircraft.

I can now confirm that :wub: No free lunch I’m afraid.

Not knowing it, I made this mistake…But do you guys know if there’s a chance to step back and get the contract signed again before it expires?

This would save me from a lot of trouble…

no way. But you can still sign a new contract for another a/c and transfer the flights to that one. Keeping an a/c after canceling the contract is not possible.