Leasing Insurance

As many of you are aware it can be frustrating initially setting up an airline and waiting to generate enough profit to expand, I don’t doubt that I’m not the only one who calculates everything so that new aircraft can be introduced ASAP. Unfortunately we all also know that sometimes we mess up these calculations, forget to take into account, for instance, flight attendant salaries. In my case last week, i was 5000AS short of the leasing amount, which cost me 100,000’s in lost cabins, lost revenue etc. So my suggestion is simply some form of Leasing insurance, an option available at maybe an additional 1% a week on the leasing costs that covers the aircraft should a leasing payment be missed. Perhaps adapted in a similar way to rescue loans where a maximum of two consecutively can be given and the insurance can only be taken at the initial lease (no realising you’ve made a mistake and trying to rectify it by purchasing insurance at the last minute) but can be cancelled at any time. Just an idea but i’m sure there are several other guys who would appreciate being saved after silly mistake.

Well, in fact, we already pay kind of a "bail" when we lease an aircraft. This bail could be used. If I am not able to pay, well, then just take what you need from the bail ("Kaution") i payd when leasing the ac.

Thats true as the deposit (or Kaution) like when you rent an appartment is used to cover any failure to pay rent or damage caused, so maybe this would be reduced incrimentally until there is no money left then the aircraft is returned. Also when a lease is cancelled a calculation could be made as to the cost of returning the aircraft condition to 100% and this deducted from the deposit.


after playing for 10 months, I had multiplied the value of my airline by 30. Starting with 10 million and making 300 million in less than a year is not realistic. AirlineSim is a game, so it was necessary to find a compromise between reality and fun (read: speed).

Making it possible to postpone the payment of the weekly lease - be it with an insurance or by deducting unpaid lease from the security deposit - will allow us to grow even faster ;)