Leasing out aircraft

Hello all,

While browsing through the Wiki for Airlinesim, I noticed the following requirement for leasing out an aircraft:

a: you are the owner of the aircraft, b: your company is worth more than 50,000,000 AS$ and c: aircraft has no scheduled flights.

My question would be for b, would this be defined as the 'Total' that is stated in the Balance Sheet?

I am keen to use my holding to purchase and lease out aircraft.

Yes, that would be the "total" listed on the bottom of the balace sheet if you ahven't already figured this out haha.

in particular this includes the value of the aircraft you're looking to lease out, so it shouldn't be too big a deal

Is this rule still active? Couldnt find it in the Wiki.

Does this mean that if I found a subsidiary, the worth of the subsidiary should be >50 million? So e.g. 3 aircraft worth 10 million each plus 20 million cash?

The money you put into subsidiary has no effect on equity calculated for purposes of leasing the aircraft.

So you need 50 million worth of aircraft?

It's usually the aircraft, seats and terminals that constitute eligible equity to take out loans. I can have a look to see exactly what is the minimum equity.


To act as an aircraft lessor your company's equity (accounts 3000 and 3100) has to amount to at least 20,000,000 AS$.

So it's same as the value to be able to buy stock or subscribe to IPO. Your total company's equity as indicated by lines 3000+3100 on balance sheet must be over 20 million AS$.

Does the same equity requirement applies for buying planes from private enterprises?

I was trying to buy used aircraft and got this message: 

Your company is not eligible to bid on offers from private enterprises yet. You have to accumulate more equity.

I think it’s for buying, leasing should be OK.