Less Pilots Than Required


I just realized that I’m actually having less pilots than required and wanted to get to know how this can work?

I’m currently on Stapleton, using 3 leased 737’s. In my weekly payroll it says, that im having 16 Pilots employed, but 24 are required and 24 are active.

Where do these numbers come from?


This does indeed sound rather strange.

May I ask what "comfort settings" you are using? I got a feeling that these have something to do with it.

It happend to me to. I leased 2 new 737-700BGW and one old. When i order the 2 new ones “the game” hierd 16 pilots but when I order the old plane it didn’t hire any pilots;S

Here are my comfort settings:

  •   		Automatically pick maintenance provider when new enterprise is founded 	             	-   yes
  •   		Automatically create a default service profile when new enterprise is founded 	       	-   yes
  •   		Automatically assign default seating configuration to new aircraft (only if defined)      	-   yes    	
  •   		Create standardized seating configuration if no default has been specified 	        		-   no
  •   		Automatically assign crew to new aircraft 	                                                                    		-    no

But the problem solved itself right now. I just leased a new 737 and then suddenly had 16 pilots missing instead of only 8 for the new aircraft. I wonder what happened there.

I’ve filed an issue for this and will look into it as soon as possible.