LET 410UVP (L4T)

Ok, here’s the situation I’ve leased a LET410UVP and when I configure the cabin the configuration program will not let me assign crew to a class…Actually it let me assign but doesn’t save it when I save the final Configuration, my config was 12 BUS PSGR in ECOPLUS seats and when I try to assign 2 crew members, which is the max., when I save the config it doesn’t save the crew with it??? everything works with the rest of my fleet I have 2 BD8Q400A and 2 B737700BGW and when I configured them I didn’t have that problem… If any body know the answer to this one please let me know… THX.

As far as I know, aircraft of this size or smaller (see also Beechcraft 1900 or Cessna Caravan) don’t get a cabin crew in AirlineSim.

Ok but when you get in the config of the plane it is mentionned where you assign the flight attendant crew a possibility of 2 but if you say that we can’t assign any crew to that kind of craft I will try to fly it without and see what kind of response I will have from it…


I’ve never operated aircraft that small, so I can’t say for sure… But I believe this (the above) is the case… ;)

for aircreft smaller than 20 seat you can nott assign a cabin crew ;)

It’s right, that you’re able to set some F/As if your plane has 20+ seats.