Lifetime credit for 150 euro?

I was thinking it would cost me over 100 euro a year to have enough credit for a year. So how about lifetime credit? Maybe for around 150 to 450 euros?

Nice Idea, but lifetime credits would mean also a lifetime right to play airlinesim, which can’t grant anyone.

True, but nobody can guarantee lifetime existence of either, but they still offer lifetime membership. ;)

Yep, but we don’t ;)

A good reason not to offer lifetime credits:

Currently, if the owner of a big airline gets tired of the game, his credits slowly run out and, that done, his airline ceases to exist, slots open up, and traffic can be distributed to existing (and smaller) airlines. With “lifetime credits”, this wouldn’t happen and large derelict airlines might come to litter the worlds, airports would remain forever clogged, etc. It seems like this effect would further disadvantage airlines that are founded in the months after the opening of a game world.

My $0.02.