Limatambo/New ORS/Foreign Investment

Hello, all. I’m trying to crack into the new ORS permanent server. I’ve read a lot about the new ORS, and I’m experimenting with different things.

A project I tried about a month ago was CS 100 with a hub in TPA, and I went for high density, low price, good service, big airports. And my load factors were abysmal. Suggestions? I don’t have many specifics now since this was like 4-6 weeks ago.

Question 2, how can one get foreign traffic rights on Limatambo if there’s no stock market?

Thank you,

Why do you need stock market to open subs in io countries?

Foreign investment is still incredibly…… foreign to me.

I know in an IO country, you just open a sub there, and you’re good. But what about non IO countries?

You cannot open a sub in non-io countries… only cargo will work. You have traffic rights in your holdings country and in io countries, not in the rest of the world with passengers.