I would like you all to post up liveries that you made for your airlind, here is my bad one as an example

You might want to click on it

I made this livery for my subsidiary "Shirewings UK" some weeks ago on Pearls, when there were A320 still in fleet (now they replaced).



What did you use to make that? MS paint sucks for liveries.

Hello Loki,

yeah, MS Paint is not the first choice for this ;) For the livery above, i used an older version of Photoshop, because you can paint on different "levels" and thats the important function. Ok, Photoshop can do a lot more, but painting on levels ist necessary. You can use many other programms for painting liveries instead of Photoshop, like the open source software Gimp or Inkscape or others like Artweaver (freeware) or whatever you want as long as you can use levels.

The template ist taken from Jetabout, where you can find a lot of templates of different planes. You get your plane in different levels there, too,  so that you can paint step by step.


Here is mine:


This is my livery



Thanks :D

That is a nice one sir!

Here is my final (unfinished) one that I used Paint for

Anyone willing to make a template livery for mine, inspired on this logo?

I really tried to do something, but somehow the planes turn out to look like UFOs once im 'finished', 

U can really make me happy with it, even if its just the logo on the tail and some nice lines to make it look classy.. 

Any template available of the A320 with sharklets?

I would be really really greatfull

My livery:


Here is my livery