Hi all

I’ve now been playing in Stapleton for two weeks with a profit margin of around 28%. I would like to get a loan so I can grow my airline faster. However, loans are not available to me at the moment. Could someone please help me understand why? I’m trying to get a loan for my main holding, not a subsidiary.

Thanks for your help.


you only get loans if you have collaterals like buyed planes or terminals

In order to get a loan, you need to have property. Leased aircraft aren’t property, and as such don’t serve as security for loans. Only bought aircraft, the seat arrangement and terminal buildings count towards securities, and as such towards your loan amount.

In that case, should I be able to get a loan for a new plane, using the plane itself as collateral? Even this option doesn’t seem available to me at the moment.

Nope, not at this time. Enabling that would lead to the problem that you could purchase an infinite amount of planes, using the planes themselves as collateral…

I have the same question, you would think you would be able to start out by having an option for a loan as a new airline. You have to start somewhere and just like in the real world you start by financing and investors. It just seems like you have a hard time starting up and getting a set flow of income.

But once you get going there’s no-one stopping you. Once you reach 2mil a week profit you can buy 2 Q400s (f.ex) every week. That’s at least 35 flights per week per plane (2.527) or 42 if you do 3 round trips per day. 5000$ profit from each flight and in 4 weeks it pays for itself.

Some very idealistic calculations which don’t really happen that fast, but come in handy describing what I mean:321




I understand that completely, however if you where a first time or second time buyer, you in the real world would not have money to buy a car or so. So you would apply for a loan and based on no credit history you get approved for a loan to get it. Or take a mortgage for that point as well. Starting a business is the same way. You start a business, you get a tax id for that business and you can apply for loans, grants, and investments based on your business plan and business credit. I am not saying you should be able to take an extensive line of cash, but what I am saying is that every airline on here starts with the same amount of stuff, so have an option if someone wanted to, to take out a loan, up to a set amount, based on a business plan you can submit to the admin of what you want your airline to be.

I would imagine starting balance of 10 mil is like an investment.

The way you describe it reminds me of Efzed airline simulation PC game where you define your airline parameters.

Unfortunately I don’t really think it would work here. Just try to imagine in practically. We like things to happen soon. It’s a simulation but we don’t want to wait 5 years for airline to turn a profit, or 20 years to have a moderate fleet.

In the short-term perspective we all start on equal ground. It’s just how you use that starting money defines your success.

btw, when you start a new game on current servers (except meigs), you can buy old ACs, apply for up to 5 mil loan, re-sell the bought AC and buy 14 Q400s (f.ex)

Would take you 2 weeks to do that and according to my primitive calculations you would be just about the same starting with 9 Q400s instead of buying, taking a loan and then re-selling.

Unless, of course, you are talking about taking a loan based on your enterprise balance (It would be like going to a bank and saying - look, I basically haven’t started running my company yet, but I have 1000$. Could you give me 5000$ out of the blue?). This was the way it was before. And it only made bigger airlines become bigger.


I don’t really think this happens so often now

Okay that I understand, but my question is how much does the terminal need to be worth? I have a terminal worth about 9 million, my airline is making good profits but still I cannot get a loan!