Logo approval

Why is there such a delay on logo approvals? I've been waiting weeks now for a number of logos to be accepted.

Not enough people to screen the logos. Done by volonteers. Feel free to join the screening team!

I'd be happy to. How do i go about doing that?

Adress your application to support please.

Which server?

I'm having problems on Devau Server. I will send over an email now to join the team

It looks there's something broken with the logo approval, I guess.

We've added people for screening and I've just checked there are no logos to be moderated on Devau - yet for some reason your logos are still waiting for approval. We'll investigate that.

That's great. Thanks. Let me know if you require a volunteer in the future.

We've found the bug - it appears some logos just didn't get trough for our moderators to handle them.

This is now fixed and with the help of recently added volunteers, I'm confident the logos should be handled by tomorrow.

I would love to be part of that team. As you can see, I’m already designing logos for others…

I have approved all pending logos at Devau. Some may need a second accept before they are active.


Is there a delay in approval of small logos (on Otto) these days? Feels like a waited very long for one of my subsidiaries

It looks as the same issue is also on Ellinikon, I have been waiting for days now for the small logo approval

There is no difference between the servers. It might be that the approval team is busy and that would mean that it could take some time. A new server was launched and that always means - be patient and please wait a bit longer!

Highscore is entirely correct. There is really only one queue for all servers. Unfortunately every time a new server is launched the queue increases by about 10x. It doesn’t help with people uploading a logo, then restarting, uploading a logo, then restarting. The queue will go down in time, but remember logos are really just for show.

Absolutely I understand this is a minor non-life-threatening issue

I have cleared all logo’s available for me tonight. So you might see it now.


Its been like 2 weeks for mine on ellinkion lol