Logo design request?


I’m not known as a graphic designer, or much of an artist, so I was wondering if I could possibly get someone to design a logo (both small and large) for me? I would certainly be appreciative.

I’ll make one for you, I used to have a topic to make logos but I shut it down due to an over demanding about of requests, but I will make one set for you. Just tell me:

Airline and Country of Airline,If there are any special request just tell me.

Thanks- you’re a life saver! I’ll assume you’ll want it messaged to you (if I can, I’m new to this forum)

This is the small logo if you like it i’ll do the big one.

—> 532

Royal Airways.png

EDIT: This is the reply post to message which you sent me. I changed the clours like you asked plus ( as an extra ) i added my signature stripe.

—> 533

Royal Airways.png

Ok thanks! Can you do a bigger version?


Royal AirwaysBIG.png