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On Meigs I run a cargo airline, Olympian Cargo, and here is my design. I need to make a small formatted logo that the server will accept. So far everything I try to upload is not working. Is there anyone someone could try and use this to make one for me that will work.

Hi ToiletDuck,

I’ve just tried to resize and fit your original logo to the small size. The problem is that it is not possible to put the ‘CARGO’ below the ‘Olympian’ and generating a readable output (at least not with my software equipment). This is also the problem with resizing the text in a single row because it is simply to long. Probably the output would be better while using non-italic font. Still, I’ve uploaded a simple draft by using two different font resizes. I think it is an acceptable result. If you don’t like it just tell me which font you are using in your logo and I’ll try my best. Very nice logo, by the way!


Olympian Cargo small 1.png

I did resize for both main and small logo but If you like my own design please let me know

My own design

Thank you for the help. Now how do I put my stats under my signature?

go to the link

[EN/DE] Airline signatures // Airline Signaturen

For Mr_Gillis

This is your logo, I made 2 designs so that you can choose both the main size and smaller size