I don’t really know how it looks in the real aviation but …

(and now i hope you understand me)

I fly 3x times/day from Dubai to Dusseldorf (Germany) with an A330-300. The profit is arround 20.000As$ and the maintenance arround 38.000 As$. Now i try the same Route with an A320-200 and this A320-200 makes MORE Profit and has FARE less maintenance cost. So the Maintenance cost are arround 3.900 As$.

So it’s right now not very profitable to fly this Route by an A330-300/B777-200/300/A380-800. I dont think that’s right.


Seats & Service on this Route is the same.

  1. How it comes?

  2. It is a bug?

  3. Or Maybe a miscalculation?

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What about your maintenance ratio ? If you fly your 330 only once a day to DXB and thats all, you will probalby get quite a bad maintenace ratio.

Due to shorter turnaround times with the 320, you can maybe assign another shorter rotation to the 320 what makes his maintenance ration much better…

The big advantage of operating an 330 to DXB is of course his large pax volume. You can get much more transfer pax into your hub, what definitely makes it the first choice for a citypair like DUSDXB…

I fly the same Route, with Same Service, same Seats. The A320 has maintenance cost’s around 3.000 As$-4.000As$ the A330-300[b] 38.000 As$.

[/b]You see the difference?

It is true that widebodies are far less profitable in AS.

First of all, if you gain money out of a flight the profitability is proven. Then we have the physics of a light plane - the Airbus A320 comes along with some 75 tons - and a major body of steel (or aluminium …) which brings a weight of 233 tons into the air. The lowest weight this planes reach while flying this route should lay at 63 tons for the Airbus A320 and 125 tons (in fact it’s much more weight) for the Airbus A330-300. This alone brings a big increase in stress for materials and therefor a big increase in maintenance, and that at least in long term and while we not have C-Checks and such we have to pay this money on every maintenance time. Another factor is that a part for an Airbus A330-300 is much more expensive. Just face a replacement of some wheels after a hard landing. Overall the maintenance of an airplane, as the Airbus A320 is, is less costly than those of the Airbus A330-300.

The fuel consumption isn’t bad either in comparison. :) Don’t know why someone should use an Airbus A320 while he can fly an Airbus A330-300 (X)…

I understand , but i can’t believe that the maintenance cost are 10x higher then the A320-200. I fly Dubai-Doha with a B777-200 the costs just for Maintenance are arround 21.000 As$ ?!? A320-200 maintenance costs are very less at this route.