Long flight not enough loading why?

I flight from HKG to SVO or HKG to SYD. Using 767-400ER. The loading is only Economy 40% Business 5% First 0%.

Why is that?

I have around 15 local routes to support district flight. (using CRJ900ER flight everyday)

Is my loading amount not enough to support the district flight?


my SVO and SYD routes price performance ratio are Econ 3 green / Business 1 green / First 1 green.

Ok well it could be a number of things so I’ll list some things you can check.

First there’s only a finite number of passengers who’ll take a certain route, check the pax demand at departure and arrival airports (on the airport page)

Second connecting pax take time to transfer, make sure your leaving enough transfer time (can be checked on the airport page again) you can also check the route management page to see how many pax are coming from a connecting flight.

Third you have to be competitive. Check the ORS (online reservation system) this will show how your flight ranks against competitors, your looking to offer a better service (seats, price etc.) than your competitors otherwise pax won’t fly with you!

If you have no competitors perhaps that’s a sign :wink:

Hope this helps

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Cellist_ng, if you want you could tell us the name of your airline and gameworld, so that I/we can have a look and give you much better answers and advice.