long haul fleet advice

hello everyone,

am running Pakistan Indus Airlines based out of Karachi, and needed advice on long haul operations. have tried the 380 with the best seats on khi-yyz but not sustainable or wouldnt fill up. any suggestions on long haul fleet? am trying the 332 now, not sure how that will fare, but really need to start long haul as medium/short have saturated. please tell me what your experiences have been. also what sort of seats work well on the ULH flights and any other advice. thanks.

If you’re able to feed the plane with pax, you’ll do fine.

332 and 767 are good aircrafts for long haul

thanks guys…but which seats? do economy work well for 12000km routes? i put econ premium but that means less pax.

Economyseats don’t work for routes with more than 3-4000 km. You will be able to charge higher fares with better seats compensating the investment.

I can see how my intercontinental jets fill up on domestic routes on “filling flights” while the others don’t.

Seats make a huge difference, the longer the route the more important.

thanks for that tip! sounds logical to me, will increase fares hoping it will work. by the way love your signature quote, mind if i “borrow” it for my facebook status :D

I’m on Tempelhof, but thought I would pitch in.

Definately go for Eco Premium for ULH routes jdflyer. These seats will mean you can charge a substantial premium (as stated above) but also, like you pointed out, you’ll have less seats on a plan - thus your seat load factor should improve. I have EcoPrem on all my routes (from Dubai) to the Americas and Australia, and Eco on all other routes.

I’ve also breifly tried EcoPrem on LH routes such as DXB-HKG and they work brilliantly. But just keep in mind that if you have 2 types of seats in the same class operating a route, then you will have adjust prices on a flight number basis (as opposed to a route basis) which can become quite an arduous task once you start adding multiple daily flights.

Good luck!

Thanks Saad, thats helpful advice as always. Am experimenting with the best seats on the 332 now, Econ is full but Business is all in the red despite best everything. Will adjust prices to see what works, but I doubt the bigger birds can generate the same profit margins as the 739ERs.

When I think about it, its not always about profit margins. Let say Plane A has a profit margin 25% and Plane B has a profit margin of let say 15%. If they are the same type of plane then yes the higher profit margin is desirable, but let say that Plane B while having a lower profit margin is overall still more profitable then Plane A, why not use it.

Depends. If you spent 7mil leasing an aircraft that makes you $50k but could have gone with two 737s and made $60k there’s a difference. However sometimes you just need larger aircraft, while less efficient, due to their performance abilities

Also with widebodies cargo is another factor… if you are unable to run with atleast 60-70% full cargo you won’t be able to have a good margin even if you have fully booked econ and business unless it is an underserved sector and you can overcharge. In any case kudos to you on being able to establish such a large airline out of KHI… What made you choose KHI??

hahah thanks Ivan_ban, the way it worked so well even surprised me :) chose KHI cuz I am from there. so wanted to put it on AS map :)