Long haul


As my domestic network is quite big already in Japan I decided to try long hauls. I discovered that LAX is the most-demanded long haul route from NRT and I put a three-class 787 to fly that one. However the loads are quite bad. I wonder how to get to loads up for long-haulers? Product is good, price is good and I suppose connections are ok too because I have many dailies to/from NRT.

So what's the catch here?



CEO, Black Watch Airlines (Croydon)

Do you have any connections at LAX available for your passenger?

you have 388 weekly departures from NRT. that is only 2.3 per hour,

when you look through the msg board, you will find many hints and tricks for long haul. they all state at least a 1000 weekly departures. personally, I would suggest to wait with long haul until at least 1500 to 2000 departures. particularly, when you have no partner at the other end.

at least 1500 to 2000 departures


...this is regulary the recommended number of departures to anyone who asks these type of questions. Let me give you some other perspective on the matter though.

When you create and establish your HUB in an efficient manner (meaning 3 or 4 HUB waves) with minimum possible connection times between all your arriving/departing flights, you'll be able to load your (longhaul-)plane much easier and quicker when you have only 500 departures than someone who has 1000 departures all over the place. You wont even need IL in most cases.

Needless to say you wont fill a 747 or an A380 (though you might fill a 777 with a good IL partner) but it's sufficient enough for a 767/787/A330 and you can go from there. It's worth to put effort and structure into your flight plan.

OK, thanks for replies. I'll carry on trying to expand my route Network from NRT.