Looking for active partners to open an alliance

Hi All,

As in a subject - i'm looking for Riem players to open active alliance with.

No name yet, no strategy yet, no location yet - all what i dream about is to have at least few active people who wish to cooperate and last but not least - speak on alliance forum.

Currently in Riem cannot find as above or if there are some than german speaking only or awaiting for invitation :D - so let's open smth. for everybody.

I have over a year experience from Aspern, Former All World United players from there are welcome too (you know what i mean by active :D )

We don't have to be the biggest, we don't have to be the best ... just have fun and share experience.

Interested??? - Pls. contact me via in-game message

Cool, finally someone who focus on enjoy the game, and not to arrive first only. I just sent you an in-game message


i am currently seeking ASers to found a new alliance - based on fun and interaction, spiced with some cooperation and exchange of knowledge/know-how

get back to me if you are interested, already have another friend of mine who would participate. and name/image ideas...

brgds, nero

in case you are looking for an alliance focused on enjoying airlinesim and cooperating/exchanging ideas, concepts and knowhow (we speak german/english so far) - you are invited to send me an ingame mail with your application/motivation to join.

good luck and looking forward to reading from you

brgds, nero

I am ready to be the part of the new alliance shall i suggest a NameĀ