Looking for alliance founding members

BusinessLine, the largest airline by PAX at Washington Dulles is looking for founding members to found a new alliance!!

BusinessLine offers services ex IAD to the US as well as already 6 daily routes to the major cities in Europe including LHR, FRA, MUC, AMS, CDG, 3 weekly IST flights and 4 weekly MAD flights and a daily service to brazils larges city Sao Paulo (GRU). We are planing to expand to Asia and the Middle East within the next two to three weeks.

If you are interested just answer this post or leave me an in game message.

Hey , I belongs to an alliance but ready to build one


I am ready to Build One as well.  I was in the Starworld Air Alliance but left. Appoint me as an manager and I will be happy to help.

Since alliances are mostly aesthetic, Kazakh Superior would be interested on the condition we approve of the logo and etc.