Lost slot

Hi all. I have a problem here, looks like kind of bug or something. I have a flight which is properly scheduled and currently being operated with no problem. At the moment it is being performed by A320. To increase capacity on this route, I wanted to move this flight to 737-900ER that has more seats in it. But I was unable to do so, because it appears that currently this flight takes no slot at departure airport (HND-NGO, SUN71, departing 01:22 UTC, Croydon) and there is no more slots available at this time window. In other words, I have this flight scheduled that I can not move because if i take it off of one a/c, I will not be able to assign it to another one, because it will not free up any slots at HND. Any ideas?

when it’s what i’m thinking then it’s an old problem

one airline has taken the slot for one flight (dep or appr) but didn’t activate the schedule for this flight

but after three days without activation it will be deleted

Its not that, I’m talking about my own flight, which is scheduled and activated but takes no slot at departure airport.

ok it’s time to contact the support :blink:

no reason for this

SUN 71 1234567 10:22 11:08 320 Rising Sun Airways

but nothing in the slots at 10:20

and the flight before and after are all there

very curious

and the flight is active in the ORS?