Lounges instead of Terminals

I am also agree with this rule. Anyway, all subsidiaries from one single holding should be able to join the same alliance.

Excellent Idea. Depending on how much ratings are increased by lounges relative to terminals, we could do away with terminals all together and offer lounges. The only reason for having both would be if terminals still give a higher rating than lounges. But how will capacity at lounges be managed?

This could be an excellent feature for alliances. So all members of an alliance pay a small fee for being part of that alliance, and in return make use of alliance lounges. Directors and Managers of the alliance spend the money upon some agreement. On a slightly side note, I also think alliance members should have discounted IL costs.

Very simple , one would build a lounge like a terminal (select capacity, quality and assign it to seating classes - e.g. 4000 pax, 4star, Business only or 700 pax, 5star, First only). Overcapacity could be leased out to other airlines the same way it was possible with terminals.

I think this is a brilliant idea !

@AS-Team : You could use the same interface as for the terminals, just change the wording. And then just make it a factor in the rating of the classes which are assigned to the lounge. I don’t think this would take you very long to program…

I’d like to see Terminals stay, with lounges added. Another big benefit of terminals is that they decrease PAX handling fees. I can’t see my lounge staff also dealing with the technical and laborious handling duties. However, I also cast my vote in favour of making lounges class-sensitive. This idea has me excited.

I really like the idea of having lounges. Perhaps airlines from the same alliances can get to share the usage of lounges as well!

Great idea! Alliances should be able to share I think as well!

Lounges sounds great and represent the real life airline enviroment. Lounges should effect the rating of premiun pax though.

Another perk of a lounge could be that it increases the amount of time a passenger is willing to wait for a connecting flight. The increase could be relative to the number of stars assigned to the lounge. If it has showers and beds, what’s the rush, whereas if it’s simply regular row seating with a fancy name, why would I wait longer?


It’d be much better if the members of one alliance could share their airport employees as well, such as sharing the check-in agents…

I like the idea of Lounges as an additional rating option and then Terminals could have a "flat" rating but have additional features that give benefits to the operators. So while a Business lounge at an airport would give an increase in the flight rating of Business class for flights departing from the airport Terminals could offer more practical advantages. Namely having your own terminal would decrease passenger handling fees (as we see already) but you could further opt to have a transfer hall, allowing transfers at "Transfer impossible" airports and the addition of "Jetways" speeds up turnaround times.

As for Alliance benefits, these exist in you being able to sell handling contracts cheaply to your partners. If you give real in game advantages to Alliance members then everyone will join/form an Alliance and the resultant benefit is nil.

I like this idea. Now, would you be able to create lounges in the default terminal or just on your own terminal? I think that if you can make it on the default terminal there should be a cap on the amount of lounges you can create and the capacity each lounge can have, depending on the amount of passengers you fly on the default terminal. While in your own terminal it would be just restricted to the amount of capacity your terminal has. And I also like the idea to lease extra capacity to other airlines, as long as the airline also has flights in the same terminal as your lounge. So if an airline already leases capacity in your terminal you could also lease the airline space in the lounges.

Just have some thoughts about player-owned terminals. Terminals should have more ‘weight’ in the calculation of rating of flights in order to make its investment worthwhile. Also, I think a gate-based concept is better and more realistic.

For example, players will build a terminal with a certain numbers of gates with/without jet ways. A gate will only be used by one flight number at any one time for turnaround. For flights that cannot be catered in player-owned terminals, AS standard services is also available but with a minimal one star rating. Therefore, the more flights (in a wave/bank) you have at one time, greater numbers of gates will be needed if you want to maintain the level of services. There should be an upper limit for the number of gates that one holding can have at one airport to allow competitions.

For course, the options of lounges, car park, improved ground connections (such as high speed rail) and etc can be included to increase the ‘stars’ of your terminal. Gate rental to other companies will also be available (perhaps a rental-only gate)

It may sound complex but this will be a great add-on to AS.

I also like the idea of having lounges.

I don´t know how difficult it would be to implement, but it could be similar to terminals/cargo:

Different classes of lounges 1 star (United club) - 5 star (Lufthansa First Class Lounge, Cathay The Wing,…) with different costs to build and different prices per passenger offering a certain capacity/week

Lounges could be allocated to flights/flight numbers so airlines might want to offer lounge access for longhaul flights only.

Lounges should be only available for First /Business passengers - not Economy - to make things easier and should have an impact on the ORS for the respectrive class.

The lounge - like the terminals - could be offered against a certain price to other airlines. If some airlines want to make their lounge available to alliance partners only than this could be solved by accepting those contracts only.

I love this idea too, and could really see it in AirlineSim… especially for airlines that want to offer a premium service and boost passenger ratings.

Can’t believe it’s been 8 years… and it’s not been added!

You may find hundreds or even thousands suggestion which would make more or less sense in AS but only a few found the way into the game and most likely never will. And there were many ideas much better than lounges.

That’s a real shame. Is progress slow in general for AirlineSim??

We have this in mind when one of our next blocks of development will be the airport and their infrastructure.

That was written by a AS staff in April 2012, so more than 8 years ago. Since then nothing has changed and if I had to bet money on it I would guess nothing will change in the next years to come. That should be enough of an answer.

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They litterally just have to change the name from terminals to lounges! Its so much better than Terminal 45 at heathrow for example, change the T45 to Lounge 45