Low load for international long haul route

I have recently opened new route from KUL to LHR but the load is extremely low. I have tried several times cancel and replan the fleet plan but the result still the same. Is there any way i can try to improve load?

I have tried to lower the price but again still do not work as i expected

How many departures do you have from KUL? Usually the tendency is to have more than 1000 departures before even thinking about making such routes.

Also do you have other flights feeding the LHR flight?

I have five other routes serving from KUL. But they are all domestic. I have 108 total departures from KUL. Owh is it the minimum requirement needed to fly long haul? The number of departures?

It’s not a requirement. But in order to fill long haul flights, you need a lot of domestic flights. Focus on your domestic flights until your company has grown ?

I would highly recommend around 2000 departures per week to help feed the long haul flight. Of my 788 flight from KUL-LHR...

  • 172 of 178 seats filled
  • 103 passengers come from my (other) flights
  • 87 transferred to one of my partner flights on arrival at LHR
  • 5978 weekly flights to KUL