Maintenance bug?

I have three types of DC8s. The newest one, on the same route as another, is 300% higher mx cost which is absurd. Is this a bug making the aircraft basically unusable? The other DC8s are no where even close to that particular unit when it comes to MX.

The DC8-63AF is 300% higher than the DC8-62AF. How is that even possible? What are these numbers based on? It would be really nice if there was a tool we could use to see what MX would run us on routes. Had there been I wouldn’t have made the mistake of getting this junk when it’s good for nothing as is. Now I’ve been set back a bit.

Also the DC8-73 should have a range of 5500km.

Bump. I tried to message an admin but it wouldn’t let me. Can we fix this issue?

I guess you should send email to instead of messaging here…

I hope this issue will at least be fixed with the new performance system. I too got the impression that several old ACs aren’t well balanced concerning maintenance (and fuel consumption). I’ll keep an eye on that maybe I can contribute another example.

Do these a/c have the same utilisation i.e. number of scheduled flights? If i remember right, the total maintenance cost for the a/c is split between all the flights it has on schedule. So if your DC8-62AF has full schedule and DC8-63AF doesn’t, the MX cost might be different.

I didn’t know about the support email I was looking for one.

Alg I was adding the 63 on a route that is currently flown by the 62 so it was the exact same everything mx cost are based on per flight and run time of the aircraft. They do not get cheaper with more flights.

Ok, i was wrong then.

I did contact the support and it sounded like there wasn’t a real explanation for is taking place. I’m hoping something will be resolved with it soon. the operating cost is around .06 cents per ton(lbs) per mile. Right now you can’t really use them.