Maintenance Company


Just wondering how switching maintenance effects the airline’s fleet?

The obvious one is cost. But is there a seperate aircraft maintenance ratio calculation for each company? If not, then theoretically I could have all my planes with the cheapest company, keep the maintenance ratio above 100%, and save a truck of money.

Could anyone please shed some light on this?


You have to look on efficiency. Contractor with average efficiency will give your planes for example 100% of Maintenance ratio, and contractor with excellent efficiency will give same schedule plane something about 110% of Maintenance ratio.

Quality is important for old planes, price is optional.

So if you have for example African as contractor and your plane has 100% of Maintenance ratio, when you will change it to Amethyst your plane will have something about 90%. And if you want to save plane condition on good level you should except some flights from schedule. You will have some money saving from cheaper contractor, but loose it from excepted flights.

Hope it was clear.


So Max, if my Maintebabce ratio for aircraft is 100%, theoretically, I could get the cheapest contractor and still maintain the 100%?

Therefore, I won’t have any cancelled flights?

Yes, if you had Helvetic and will change it to Amethist.

Any way, if you change contractor with lower efficiency, you do not need to cancel the flights. You should except some flights from your schedule, not cancel them.