Maintenance on VIA flights

I just run into a problem. I have a via flight from A over B to C and wanted to have the maintenance pause at B between the two parts of the flight. The maintenance ratio in the upper left corner recognise the stop and shows 100%+ while the flight plan itselfe is not, meaning that it didnt turn blue as if there is not enough time.


Im a little bit confused right now, does the plain get maintenance?

I’m not sure, but one reason may be:

On VIA flights, passengers continuing on the second leg wait inside the aircraft, which would make it impossible for the aircraft to be towed to a hanger for maintenance checks.

The odd thing is of course that your maintenance ratio is above 100%. I can’t see you Sunday schedule, but do you have the same flight on the Sunday as well?

Sundays schedule is identical, so the maintenance ratio should be at 0%.

best get an AS agent on this one! Have you tried emailing support?

I tested it in the meantime, the plane actualy gets maintenance. Problem solved ;)