Maintenance suppliers' names discriminatory towards Italians

Hi everyone.
As a player and as an italian i find very disrespectful towards italy that the worst maintenance providers have Italian names. This is no big deal but, considering the realism of this game, it is not acceptable such discrimination.I know we have our problems but this does not give anyone the right to indicate something that is undoubtedly less efficient or effective as Italian. I hope these names are changed to more neutral ones. Let me know your toughts about this matter.

Really? Like - for real?

African Maintenance System has a lousy price. Is that racism?

Servizio da Luigi has the best price of 10 suppliers. Isn’t that good? Or do you expect the italians to be AAA+ only?

People gets too offended to easily these days. For my sake, make a danish maintenance company, and give it lousy, lousy and lousy. I couldn’t care less.

This is a coincidence. Relax :slight_smile:


Is this a serious post? This has to be a joke???

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This is a hot topic right now and yes, I can see why things like these pop up recently. But racism is not equal to simple little jokes. In your mind the writer of this feature must have had in mind: the typical lazy but life loving Italian. So this is racism.

I don’t agree. I think this is a innocent little joke that rather emphasizes a cliche but saying Italians are that way. This is far from racism and I think you should be a bit more relaxed. Every nation, every people, even every citizan of Italian provinces have such cliches. Swiss are organized. French are good lovers. Spanish a fiery. Germans are precise. Italians are passionate.

Can a moderator close this silly thread? Germans are precise… French people are good lovers…
what a nonsense! Stop this stupid discussion!

Would you please read and understand, what I wrote exactly?! It’s about cliches. I’m not saying that these sentences are fact. It’s not that difficult to see actually.

I am able to read, thank you. This whole thread is nonsense and not only your post. That’s why I kindly ask moderators to close this stupid thread.

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