Make a logo for me

Hi everyone, I’ve just started a new airline in the game world Quimby and I would like to have a logo but I don’t know how to make one for myself so can some of you help me? The name of my airline is Chinese Airways. Thank you very much

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I have made two logos. Feel free to use them. If you have Questions contact me. Also resize still neeeded.


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Thank you, i love both!

There is only a little problem, it tells me that the image’s width is invalid. Do you know why?

I still need to resize

which one would you like?

The second one thank you


something else that you need

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It won’t let me download them

can you not right click

thank you, i did it!!

good have fun and tell me if you need something in the future

I operate as SKY KNIGHTS INTERNATIONAL AIRLINES in QUIMBY XI . After many attempts I have not been able to create a viable logo for my airline. I request you kindly make one for me with a whitish blue or whitish red theme please.


Varun Budhraja

Hi, can I ask you to make another logo for me?
This time I need a logo for my future airline named “Korean Air”, like the real one.
Can you create the logo respecting the real one??

Hi …i have an Airline in Nigeria on bleriot. I’d like to have a logo (both…the small and the bigger one) for my Airline Nigerian Transit located in Lagos. I’d like to have green and white in it…for the rest i’m open…i’d appreciate a positive feedback :slight_smile: thx

Is there anyone who can help make a big and small logo for me please:-)?
My airlines name is , Scan Airways .

Thank you :slight_smile:

hi, Can you make logo for me please? The name of my airline is Global AirCargo