Make sure you have assigned pilots to your aircraft

The Number 8 "Achievement": Make sure you have assigned pilots to your aircraft, is always gray, it does not show me as having assigned pilots but I have 8 and I have assigned pilots to the plane before I transfer; do I schedule all flights for the plane then schedule pilots? It says Pilots "Yes" in green. Bug or am I missing something?


This is something that was introduced with one of the most recent updates: you no longer need to assign pilots manually when you receive a new plane, it’s automatic. It didn’t use to be, which is why there was an achievement (tutorial item) for it.

Of course you may still choose to do it manually, in which case you will earn this badge ;)

Dear Martin,

Thanks for your speedy reply! So right now all I have to wait till my planes basically fly is the server lag to catch up?



Usually it will take around 2 to 3 days until your flights take off. So if you just started out, server lag shouldn’t be an issue to you right now ;)

Dear Martin,

As usual thank you for your prompt reply! Now that I understand how this starts up I won’t be freaking out!