Market option


Can we introduce an option for selling aircraft on the market for a fixed price and the option not to pre sign.

This way I would be able to accept or decline an offer to buy my aircraft. 

But why should one decline a purchase offer?

Maybe he wants to place the pane for some specific airline and does not want other players to bid on it.

I know, but this is one of the purposes where some airlines could deal something which helps them and letting others/especially newcomer outside. So I don't know if this is a good idea anyhow.

In one of the other airline simulations, you can put up a "private sale/lease" on used market, meaning such lease/sale offer is available only to the given airline. It does have one restriction, though, and that is that price is limited to +/- 10% for alliance members, for anybody else price can be +/- 30%. I guess the similar thing could be implemented here, e.g. if you list for somebody specifically, you cannot provide 10% of value, but maximum  of minus 10% (I do not say +/- 10% because here you cannot list for more than the actual determined value).

But that's the point ... given volume of an aircraft purchase, even +-10% can be a lot of money to transfer.

Why should I be forced to lease a plane to someone I wont lease to?

You have to thank all the people not be able to play fair for this. Sorry!