Market share


I just saw that my market share has dropped, from 8,8% to 4 something%

Why and it will how much influence my income and other things?

Its my main hub with 203 departures

Server and airline?

Most likely someone expanded their service, at your airport. But if you submit your information, one of us might be able to see why.

I dont think so because i lost 3 positions

Oh never mind. I regained 3% so i got back my position. What effect has the market share on my company?

please google the word marketshare

it means how much sou transported relatively to everyone else. so even when growing somebody else might grow faster and you lose marketshare.

but marketshare doesn’t influence anything, it represents your “influence” or share of the market.

it is resetted every sunday->monday night at 0:00 UTC

A new week has just started, so it’s normal to see big fluctuations in market share as not everyone had their flights at the same time, so whoever flies first will get a temporary artificial boost that’ll be fixed once everyone had their flights. Only last week’s share will show proper figures.