Marketing Ideas

Why not allow marketing of other companies on the plane to generate an income. Such as visual adverts on the back of headrests, in the airline’s magazine, or video adverts on screens. More of these advertisements would mean more income for the airline however it could have a negative impact on the rating of the flight, much like real life.

Martin, is this not a thing of the real world, if the marketing is a tool and you can afford to kill a competitor why not. Every new airline can find a niche and be successful. Also most players start at the same time when a new server is opened.

I have started multiple airlines in dense airline area’s and have been able to succeed. So marketing is important but i agree that it needs thinking and load checking.



For an equal marketing fact, I think that companies could, from the start, conduct operations according to their marketing resource.

The marketing budget should be a percentage of sales that can evolve with a cursor.

Thus, more revenue climbs, the more the company can launch campaigns.

The difference for small companies is that they can benefit from a special "launch budget" (like in the real life), to give them a boost at startup, compared to older companies.

Companies can allocate their marketing budget by route, using an equal distribution or emphasizing certain lines.

The consequence of the use of marketing is the increase in demand as a percentage of the initial demand.

Here is my proposal.




at this moment, only the ORS decides which flight passengers prefer.

If marketing becomes another factor that influences the rating, either directly through the product factors or indirectly through the image of your airline, it won’t change the “mechanics” of the game. Spending money on marketing will improve your rating like spending money on on-board service improves your rating.

Perhaps marketing could convince people to travel, who would stay home without the marketing. In this case marketing would create extra passengers. Passengers that you loose again if you stop advertising ;)


I think the best way to make marketing work is to have marketing slots. This would make it more fair becuase you could have all the money in the world but not have a marketing slot. For example: There are 10 slots available for television marketing in Atlanta, one slot is $5000. The other advantage to this is you could have different levels of marketing. For Example: A International Television commercial will give you a higher impact then a small city billboard campaign. Finally the impact of the marketing would increase passenger traffic of certain routes depending on the location of your marketing.