Meigs down

Meigs is down and cannot access.

Thanks for reporting, we're looking into it.

Is there any sort of approximate reload time, and will there be any effects on the gameworld?

Thanks teams, it is back online now

There's still some backlog remaining, but the server's catching up nicely and should be no negative effects (because it was completely down, not just the demand distribution).

is the demand updating again? it's still stuck with st. vincent at 05:20 and nearly no demand for flights after tomorrow

Thanks for the notice, demand distribution is now working again.

Hi, when will demand distribution catch up because it is having an extremely negative impact with my load factors dropping by almost 10%. That's with no change to pricing, capacity or anything, no other airlines taking loads and I can't see it dropping that much in one week because it has been going up each week for a couple of weeks and it just doesn't seem realistic that it would drop that much

Like approx losses of this i estimate will be around $30-40M, just from the current dropping down of load factors, and it certainly isn't finished dropping.

Could anyone explain therefore if the demand distribution is down

And in the last 10 minutes an airline with capacity of 1.9M PAX per week has had a loaf factor drop by approx. .25% 

That really doesn't seem right

I am having the same problem. My loads have dropped 10%

some routes are recovering slowly but especially my national routes are down to 65% which used to have 95%+ load factor. overall load factor for this week is at -12%

I'm sorry to hear that. I'm checking Meigs status myself several time a day now, so we can at least make sure to detect and solve these issues as soon as possible.

Thanks for all the help mate! Fingers crossed that hopefully these issues go away

numbers are raising, seems to be normal by tomorrow hopefully  :)