Meigs down

Meigs is down again

We're already aware of it - hoping Meigs will be back soon.

Yeah, just went back up & game status is showing that it is catching up

I’ll go back on later, so I don’t slow the server down while it catches up the backlog

There's no backlog remaining now. Thanks for you patience!

To teams: may I say it is down again?

Thanks  for letting us know, we're looking into it.

Wenigstens werden die Credits jeden Tag abgebucht, auch wenn der Server fast täglich stundenlang nicht erreichbar ist :((

Meigs is back and has no backlog remaining right now.

Toll, hat ja doch eine Stunde lang funktioniert… jetzt ist Meigs schon wieder down… was ist denn da immer los?

And it's down again. 

10 minutes later: Meigs is available again

Why are there so many problems with just this gameworld?

I'm back in the office and had a look.

As in previous cases similar to this one I couldn't do much beyond increases resources allocated to the affected game worlds (Meigs and Kaitak) and hope that this will help.