Meigs hanging for hours now

Hi there,

Server meigs seems to be hanging for hours now - any ideas what happened?

My flights went to status "Cancelled" …how can i avoid that? dont want to pay the fee for cancelling as there are many flights involved …

please take a closer look at it!


Indeed appears to be stuck around 04:00 on stock exchange task :(

Why there is a backlog I cannot help you :wink:

But normaly the flights are not be cancelled they will fly a little bit later when in the Game Status the backlog is over.

In my case there are no flights been cancelled…

It has been at least over an hour since Meigs has been stuck. :blink:

We are working on that - so please a bit patience…

can anyboy of the team tell me how i could deal with the cancelled flights? i didnt changed anything and the planes are in their normal cycle, but since the server hanged i got many messages, that the flight is cancelled because of plane wasnt t here :frowning:

thanks for investigatin!

Well - that has to be bad luck and schouldn’t have to doe anything with the backlog - mayber you can take a view in the flight ist of the aircraft and figure out what happened there?

most likely the particular aircraft didn’t meet the 50% condition criteria at some point and since this flight was cancelled, all other flights are cancelled until the flight plan is back to that particular airport where the a/c is. the condition, however, would most likely be back up to a normal value.

since the engine, backlog or no backlog, processes one item at a time, always in the same order, there is no way that this has caused your cancellations.