Missing Existing Flight Numbers

HI all I just had to reschedule a aircraft due to my missmanagment of my funds and an aircraft was reposesed by the leaser. Once I got a new aircraft I proceeded to use the same existing flight numbers from the drop down bar on the scheduling page as used on the previous aircraft. I had 3 flight numbers 132,133,134 there but the last 3 flight numbers 135,136,137 where not in the drop down bar. I proceeded to create new flight numbers 135,136,137 but it said they were already in use.

So I went to the route management screen and found that sure enough 135,136 and 137 did exist. I discovered I could reschedule those flights by clicking on the magnifing glass link of the flight number and choosing the schedule tab. Then apply the flight to the applicable aircraft but you are not able to see the complete flight schedule for that aircraft in this screen. Which sux a bit.:o

So was wondering can anyone explain why those flight numbers didn’t show up in the existing flight numbers in the scheduling screen, but they certainly did exist. My only theory is that I created those flights from the route management screen so they didn’t show up in the existing flight numbers. But all those flights were for a particular aircraft so I was pretty sure I created them from the scheduling screen actually. Or is it simply just a little bug?<_<

Any thoughts?

Safe skies

In the aircraft’s schedule, you’ll need to check ‘daily’ to see flights that are already assigned.

Ahhh got it now. And like wise untick "daily" to see the complete list of existing flight numbers, scheduled and unscheduled. That was my problem.

Thanks TimS. That helps alot.