MNinvest goes public


Mare Nostrum Invest is a three month experiment on stock market investments.

This investment company started one month ago with a capital of 10 million. The current equity stands at 12 million, but the real current value (cash flow plus investments) is 22 million. So you actually buy shares at half the price of their real value.

At this moment Mare Nostrum invest owns:

45.000 shares of PHX Airlines (bought at 77 dollar) current value 157 dollar,

24.000 shares of Pacific Ocean Airlines (bought at 94 dollar) current value 145 dollar,

44.000 shares of SKY Atlantic (bought at 111 dollar) current value 218 dollar.

MNinv evaluates and hand picks airlines that show profit and have the potential to grow fast in the coming months. Three months from now, around the 1st of february 2012, the investment company will be deleted and all share owners will get their money back. Plus a very decent profit ;)

My advice… do not subscribe if more than 100% of the shares are bought. In other words, if the expected price is more than 100 dollar. You want the shares to go up after you buy them, not before you buy them…


Click here to check MN Invest on the stock market


two weeks after going public, MN Invest shares have doubled their value.

Shares will not continue to grow as fast in the future, but they are still 10% cheaper than their real value, and MN Invest still only invests in sound and profitable airlines. I expect their value to double again before the investment company will be deleted two months from now.

One original investor wants to cash in his profit now, so there are shares for sale. If you are looking for a two month investment that will double it’s value… go to the stock market.

Have a nice weekend,


[size="2"]Just a quick OT question.

Didn’t AS change the rules so you only get back what you bought the stocks for and not the “real time value” ? Or will you sell all the shares before you delete the subsidiary?

// Knape [/size]





Hi Knape,

I don’t know if you only get back what you paid for the shares. I guess I shall find that out when I delete the investment company ;)

The divident you get is peanuts, so the only profit you make with shares is the increased value. I understand AS doesn’t want to promote quick speculation and stock market bubbles, but if what you say is true… it is an unfair rule. Fair would be that you get the same amount of money back if you sell the shares in less than one week, or if you delete your company in less than one week.

Anyway, thanks for the hint. I shall make sure to sell most of the shares and leave a small amount of shares to check how much I get for these when I delete the investment company.

By the way, since I created this investment company, I follow the stock market. I have noticed that some airlines ask friends (other alliance members) to make a temporary holding that heavily supports their IPO. A short time after the IPO that holding is deleted and the shares go to AS. That is an easy way to inject millions of extra dollars in an airline. It also punishes honest investors, because they end up paying 200 dollar for their shares.

And for your information… I wrote the AirlineSim for Dummies because the Wiki doesn’t give a lot of information. Since my two airlines are holdings, I created this investment company to see how IPO’s and the stock market work. I shall then add a chapter on the stock market.