Money transfer feature

[size=“4”]it would be great if we could transfer money from the holding to the subsidiary and from the subsidiary to the holding. Since the holding invests money to create the subsidiary, it should’ve right to put its hands on the subsidiary money or, at least, on some dividends as it occurs in the real world. I just don’t understand why it’s not possible here![/size]

There is already a topic debating this which was created by me.

AFAIK there have been topics discussing this for at least a year i guess… Did not search for it, but you might do so and have a peek.

The only way to get some money back to the holding is by entering the stock market with your subsidiary. From the point of a successful IPO your company will pay out dividends each week depending on if it made a profit during that time. As your holding owns 80% of the shares after the IPO, it recieves 80% of the dividends. You can of course buy/sell more of the shares after the IPO, the amount of dividends earned will change respectively.