Money transfer from holding to subsidiaries

Is there a way to transfer money from holding to its sub? I sold some stocks and with the money I want to lease some new planes but the game doesn’t allow to transfer the money (or I don’t know how). If someone tell me the possible way or why it is not possible to transfer, I will be glad.


the game does not allow you to transfer money from holding to subsidiary (or from subsidiary to holding, for that matter).

The question was already asked before, and the answer was that it would allow cheating. I only partly agree with that point of view…

If your subsidiary has gone public - if other players have shares - the value of these shares would go down if you drained money from the subsidiary to the holding. That would be like stealing from your share holders. It would also allow all sorts of shady financial constructions where shares are artificially made more expensive/cheaper and then sold again for more/less money.

If your sub has not gone to the stock market, your holding is the only owner. I don’t see how it could be cheating if you invest more money in that subsidiary, or if you drain money from it. So unless you can convince AS to modify the software, you won’t be able to transfer money.

There are however a few ways to shift money…

If your holding also operates as an airline, it could lease a plane that was bought by the subsidiary. That is a perfectly legal way to shift money from your holding to your sub. Or the holding could build a terminal and offer it to the sub at prices below AS prices. Perhaps other players have more ideas.

And if your holding is sitting on a huge pile of money, and the subsidiary is a small airline, liquidate the sub and restart it with more money. But that’s not practical if you want to transfer money on a regular basis, or if your sub is an established airline. You’d spend a day rescheduling all your planes <_<

Anyway, it is a bit silly that it would be cheating to give/take money to/from your subsidiary, but not cheating if you liquidate your sub and then restart it with more or less money.


There is another way to transfer money, although not very efficient. Your holding can put up buildings (cargo or pax terminals) and rent them to the subsidiary enterprise at 30% under market rate. In fact it does more than transfer funds, because the charges for pax/cargo handling that the subsidiary would otherwise pay into the AS coffers stays in the holding. The downside is that the holding has extra costs for administrative staff and depreciation.

That said, the investment has a small ROI for the holding, and offers security for loans.