More statistics for airport

Currently we have statistics such as passengers and freight per week for airlines, it will be great if these statistics also available for each airports, so we can see which airports are overcrowded and which ones are underserved. In many cases the airport traffic ranking is much easier accessible by general public than individual airlines data in the real world.

Hope the AS team to consider adding such data.


There is a statistic for destinations…

Go to the Airport statistic, there you see the freight and pax airlines.

Over the graphic is the menu which says market shares and next to it is destinations. Click on it and I think you will find what you are looking for!

Hi, I’am aware the information you mentioned is available, but it is for individual routes and airlines at that particular airport, rather than the whole picture worldwide. What I mean is a total traffic figure like the the pax and freight per week ranking, in addition to the airline traffic ranking, make another one for airports, so we can easily see which airports are busy, how busy it is compare to others and which ones are not.

Sorry, but I understand that you want something like this

Hope you can open the link if yoiu are not located on meigs…

If not, I´m sorry, than I do not understand what you mean, than forget my answers :wink:

Basically what he would like is a total of all the passengers that fly through the airport.

Yes, that’s what I want, the total number of pax and freight ranking for airports, like those top 100 airports you would see on aviation magazine every year.

Ah, ok, sorry, my fault…

In the past there was a statistic like this on the airport page…the weekly PAX number of every airport…But I think because of server perfomance it is not avaiable anymore…