moving to another server - possible?

I’m operating a new airline which has grown extremely well over the last few months, but unfortunately the server it’s running on (Croydon) is displaying chronic performance problems - like the more or less permanent 8 hour lag, and pages that never load. Ok, end of gripe, the question is, can I move it to another server? If not, what are the options -

  • can I sell it to someone, like an alliance member? If he buys it, can I take the AS$ with me to another server? The airline is now worth nearly 240 million $AS.

  • can I start an operation with the same name on another server while the old one is still working?

  • is pressing the restart button and see all the work go down the pan the only option? Am I left with nothing except the 10 million $AS start money?

Nope, all servers are separate entities. It wouldn’t be fair to others that just recently started on a server. Besides, you also have several other problems, including the aircraft registration database getting duplicate registration numbers, slots that are already occupied that your airline needs to use, etc.

Yes, if you want you could operate the same airline on all 9 servers.