MXP - Italian Arrows


HOw is it possible that Italian Arrows ( based in MXP, a daughter company of Italia Invest, has already 23 planes after only 3 days of existance? Italia Invest, the mother company, was also created just 3 days ago.

That’s already under investigation! But this doesn’t mean that there is a cheating and it doesn’t mean that there isn’t cheating!

It was no cheating, but it’s a kind of bug in the loan system itself. The player did not violate any existing rules, but in real life this wouldn’t work so we asked him not to act like this anymore.

Will you fix this bug with the next patch ?

Well as described before - this is not a bug - it’s a “kind of a bug” - a problem with the game design. We can’t change it in the current game world without giving a disadvantag to new players.

But isn’t it already a major disadvantage, if you start to play and don’t know of this "kind of bug"?! It also seems to be a disadvantage to those, who are already at the airport … You think the disadvantage would be bigger than fixing the problem?! …

Well maybe the word “bug” is wrong, but I don’t know how to describe it better. Changing the system would mean that new companies won’t be able to gain loans - we can and will do this on new server, but not on existing ones.

This sounds good at least! … What a shame this guy, missused this system weak point!

but does this mean that he keeps his 23 aircrafts? I have seen no change since the "bug" has been discovered.

I want extra loans toooooooo


my guess is that he…

  • started an airline

  • used his 10 million to buy planes

  • used the planes as collateral to get loans

  • used to loan to buy more planes

  • used the extra planes as collateral to obtain more loans

  • sold all his planes to a friend

  • used the money to lease planes

If it is not allowed, this guy should restart. After all, his airline is only a few days old. If it is allowed, everyone can do it :wink:


In a way he also at a disadvantage since he has to pay all those loans every week. I remember someone this something like this in Dulles and later had to fold his company because he had to many loans out and wasn’t making a profit.

"imperfect game design" + "legal loophole"

Giving the circumstances that in the German Forum we had a few days back the discussion of how somebody can start with more money or grow quicker the way that airlinenista described was mentioned there as well. I çan only speculate if this was used or not … but for my understanding it does make sense and sounds logic. So maybe the player wanted to try it if it works. But since this is not the normal way to start I would suggest that for the benefit of all players at that airport the company should start from scratch since this only fair for all players at the airport. And if this model was used SK should announce that on all existing servers this way of startig an airline should not be used by any player from now on.


I think you should not worry about this way of starting. Having such old planes and that big loans is a certain path to bankruptcy.

When can we expect bankruptcy then? How long will it take before he’s wiped out from MXP (or restructure)? I understand he used a system loophole, but still think it is unfair for those of us who struggle to maintain a position in the market.

Depends on how clever he will be in the future - no one told that he is going to be bancrupty soon or ever!

Well, I still think he should be penalised for taking advantage of the loophole in the system… after all, it was you who wrote "certain bankruptcy". Even if he stops the leasing contract of some aircrafts, he will have had the chance of trying many routes and stick to the most favourable ones. I still don’t think the support lack of intervention in this case is not fair for other players like me. I am not satisfied at all with the support decision!!! Nicht schön!