My first flight

My background is far from airline business as I am in legal business. I have found this website from google after I played Airline Manager on Facebook.

Since starting an airline last week, I have learned lots of things. Firstly, I chose my favorite name for my airline and the head office where surely I selected my own country, Bangkok Suvarnabhumi(BKK), in order to be easier to find the destinations. Then I went to the “Manufacturer” for shopping my plane. With a little bit greedy, I decided to fly with Airbus A300B4 as that time I thought it was a very plane with 336 seats and cost AS$8,250,000. I decided to open an office in Dubai(DXB) because I thought it would be wise if I fly to that city where lots of businesses’ centers situated there. I planned to fly there daily and filled up the empty schedule with another destination which I opened an office in Phuket (HKT) where I flew there daily too.

After waiting for nearly 2 days, a plane arrived safely in BKK, I ordered it to start the flight immediately. With lots of hope, and hope, it never filled up, 90 percent of the seat vacant except fulled cargo both DBX and HKT. I kept monitoring patiently for another 3 days. Nothing was improved so that I decided to restart my enterprise with the same name but a new strategy. I leased 2 Bombadier CRJ 200ER and open one office in HKT. I used both plane flying the same flight but now I decided to let the 1st plane fly Monday, Wednesday, and Friday, and 2nd plane fly Tuesday, Thursday, Saturday, and Sunday. Again with full of hope, wish my enterprise ran well.

The crj 200 is not as efficient. Try the 900 or q 400. Also interline with a large carrier that flies into your hub so you can fly his pax

With the Stapleton server so established, I think that younger airlines won’t be able to fill a plane larger than DH4…At this moment I only lease DH4 and CR9, which I can’t break-even!

Anyway, wish you good luck!

Thanks for advices, but I am concerned about the leasing rate. Do you think I can make enough money to pay weekly? I don’t know now how much will I make per week.

You can see at the flight details. There’s an estimation on the profit (or loss) for each flight. That amount already includes the indirect costs such as lease rate and salary. So if that’s a positive then you are fine. If not, that means that you could only cover part of the indirect cost.

So i just try to fill my planes as full as possible…

Many thanks to tnyuen I have found your advice really help me BTW how can I improve the number of passengers?

  • Interlining with airlines flying into your hub

  • Interlining with airlines with hub at airports that you are flying in

  • Dropping routes with bad demand

  • Extends your network

When i don’t have much idea about where to fly, I just check Wikipedia to see the airport destinations in reality. Then compare with the ingame schedule. for most of the time those routes would work… And I am very reluctant to compete with existing airlines…(which got very high ratings and is nearly impossible to beat them at this stage)

What is that?? What is the aircraft doing on its “free” day? If I understand this correctly you only use the aircraft at 3, resp. 4 days a week? Now you have to spread your fixed leasing costs over just a couple of days, which won’t allow you to make any profit at all. Try to use the aircraft as much as possible: The more flights you operate, the more revenue you generate to cover your fixed costs.

I followed your advice by seperating them to 2 destination now


at the moment you fly wth 2 CRJ200 to CNX, KBV, NST and HKT, each once daily.

This means that your 2 CRJ together are working for 13:52, each one for 06:56 on average

I do have some CRJ200 too on another server, but mine are working around 20 hours each day (if the do 8 flights a day).

So there seems to be a lot of sparetime in your flight plans, I guess that your planes could almost fly three times as much as they do right now.

Try to archiev a maintenance ratio of as close to 100% as possible (but not below).

now i make 49 flights with 25 offices and fly 7 day a week with 6 airplanes

Heh I just saw you opened lots of new office. As long as the maintenance ratio is above 100. Your plane schedule is reasonable enough for carrying out maintenance.

Now you should wait again and see the booking rate later.

tnyuen how long will it take to make the traffic of passengers stability?

After a few days, but don’t expect an increase! Usually your loads on the first three days are better. Than on the fourth day it will stabilize. Normally I will just delete the routes that provide awful no. of passenger after the first demand calculate (you can check the demand calculation time at the airport page). Since the flight will have demand calculation for three times. You can do rough estimation on the final no. of passenger.

For example, if my plane is for 60 passengers, the first demand calculation got >20. Then usually you wont get a loss for this route (20x3 = 60). But if that’s only <5 passenger, then you can roughly calculate that the final no. to be <15 (5 x 3 = 15). So I will delete that route and try another…

Of course this is only a rough calculation and then final no. of passengers may be lower than your expectation.

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I would recommend that you replace your aircraft fleet to the DASH 8thDash 8 400Q provides the best return in Airlinesim. The first 1-2 months I think is a bit "boring". If you are unlucky you can get a lot of setbacks to fight. To help you a bit along the way so I sent an interline contract.

Sincerely Knape[/size][/font]

Thanks for all advices, now I am waiting and see I think I may be take for a week then will do some changes

after waiting for 3 days, i canceled 2 destination as i received 0% in passengers, planning to lease embear 170 …any suggestions?

It’s better to lease Canadair CRJ -Regio-Jets. They are far more effective with the current AS-data than the Embraer Jets.

Thanks…BTW I have a red bar in mood of my staff… pls tell me what action i should do as atm i did adjust +5% for the next week salary

Pay just a small amount above average salary. This will help already. Wait a little time and all your staff is :D :D :D :)