my flishts wont book on my 3rd aircraft, why?

Hey, So all my flights on my other 2 aircraft book normally out of the same airport, but for some reason when I activate my schedule’s on my 3rd aircraft to DFW it wont book, why???

Flights are only booked into the system once every 30 minutes. Has it been that long (or longer) since you released the schedule? If so, what server are you on, and is the server running on schedule (see game status)?

Yep, I did it all last night at like 230am local time (0230) pacific time, and yes it is! oh and i’m on the big server w/ the most amount of people on it (the 1st one I dont know the name )

Okay… Can you make a screenshot of your aircraft’s schedule and post it here? Maybe there are some clues in there.


can I just email it to you? it wont let me upload it, It says "you aren’t permitted to upload this kind of file"

there we go!

Looks like you used the ‘activate (3 days delayed)’ option, since I see two flights booked now for the 25th.

thats what I thought, but like an hour ago I pressed "activate" and not the 3 day delay and im still having this problem

Hm… You could try removing the flights from the schedule and then re-add them (so they appear yellow). I suspect the activation function only works when flights aren’t already active. Make sure your plane will be at the right location to start flights though.

yeah I did that like 5 times last night heres what I did in order:

  1. selected "delete entire flight plan" execute

2)made an entire new flight plan like you see and than clicked "activate" execute

I did nothing different than as I did for my other planes and this one is having this problem

It should work, when you lock the schedule and then activate it again.


if this is the flight you are referring to… it’s already fully booked :slight_smile:

And by the way, if you have activated a flight schedule with a three day delay, and then want to activate it straight away… lock the schedule (to deactivate it) and then activate it again (without delay). That should do the trick.


LOL yeah its working now! Thanks for the tip btw!

Sorry to jump in here… What does Lock the Schedule do exactly?

Prevent the system from booking in new flights.