My seating is screwed up.

Look at my screenshot below guys. I am operating a B738 from Bangkok to Koh Samui.

1, Why is my seats capacity different in the flights? My BKK - USM has 138 and the return flight has 152.

  1. Why BKK - USM route has no cargo but USM - BKK route has cargo?

Anyone care to enlighten?

Check the runway length. If it is shorter than the max value on the plane, the plane will carry a lighter load either to take off or land without overshooting.

you can easily check the data pointed out by daria when using the flight performance tool on the aircraft page. make sure to check both directions.

One way round this is to upgrade the type of seating you have installed. Better seats take less space, so you could utilize more of space with the same number of seats. Of course, you would charge extra for these new seats, so earn more revenue for the same floor space.

It may be worth sacrificing your max load if the margins are high enough.


On such a short route BKK-USM there’s no point in using better seats. I think he’s better off using a 737-700BGW instead of the -800HGW, and then cram then in.