Need help on know about the defunct airline

Today, I found a airline in GMP become defunct on Meigs: See attachment 1.

Since it is largest airline once in GMP, so I suspect it is a Korean airline, so I click to watch all news happened in Korea, see attachment 2.

But I could identify which airline goto defunct. From picture 1, the airline obviously down this week, but from picture 2, no news about an airline is down this week.

I also checked Chinese news and Japanese news, but no clue. Anyone can help me out here how to know what was the airline before?

If it wasn't an IL partner, and it sounds like you're not based in GMP or in Korea, is it important for you to know which company it was? To me, it seems that someone went bankrupt or closed a subsidiary in that airport, and the slots are probably wide open now. Move in and take over. :)

It is not important, just I wonder why a bankrupt company not shown in Korean information page.

Maybe because its already a few days back ..... i could find that Dragon Fly was liquidated on the 9th .... there are no news from today as far as I could see ....

Thanks BenjaminA330.

One reason can explain why it is not shown in Korean information could be the user is out of credit and the airline is delete by AS.

It will afak mak no difference if the holding/company was deleted because of not having credits anymore, was deleted by the player or went bankrupt. The result will be the same. If you go on "Home" you will find the latest news, but you can also insert a filter that allows you to look only for companies that went bankrupt .... so you can check it. I think in the regional part it will only show if it was happening the same day.... but i am not 100% sure about that. I usually use the filter. On the other hand .... it dies not really matter..... company goes ... lots of slots available ... so try to make a move and secure slots for you before others do ..