Need some suggestion

Hi, i am new here, i need some help with starting new international routes. my airline is doing well in domestic routes, but international routes are giving me hell. i have leased CRJ-900 aircrafts for international routes, they are both 0.4 years old.Flight fares r lowered, seating is customized, still no passengers, Plz give some suggestion.

First, welcome. :)

It's easier for someone to help if you give a little more information. Where are you flying from? Where are you trying to fly to?

Just by what you've posted... international routes are not always easy to fill without having a a very strong national or regional system already. It's best to try not to fly too far too fast.

Thanx alot :)

My airline (Tahirkheli Airlines) is based in Pakistan, Croydon. Want to fly to some middle eastern and far east destinations.

Also please tell me, at this stage when i have just started an airline. Will an interlining agreement be fruitful?

Interlining is always useful as it can improve your passenger flow. Choose your IL partners wisely since it costs money, which a startup normally doesn't have yet. The bigger your IL partner, the more network planners you need to hire and thus raising your salary costs. Especially when you are flying with small aircraft network planning can costs too much per flight if you have too much network planners (due to big IL partners).

Concerning IL's : Don't "collect" partners without thinking about the costs. I very often ask myselft if players really understand the purpose of an IL and its effects (costs!). Choose wisely, one partner per country is often absolutely enough. Smaller partners might often be a better choice than big ones (e.g.: If you are flying from Asia/Africa/South America to Europe and if you know there is much demand in a specific country - for example the former colonial power - you don't need a big player to interline with but a small domestic carrier in that country might be the best choice as he might (check it!) have better domestic connections with small planes (but more frequently) and also he might have no own intercontinental routes so that you are his way to your continent. It is just an randomly constructed example, but it might give you an idea what you have to look for in an IL partner and that accepting hundreds of useless offers is not a good idea.).

Amen, brother