New aircraft market is unfair for existing players!

It’s nice to see the new feature. But…it’s so unfair for existing players! I saw some new start-up companies leased 15 planes due to the low “market price” for leasing deposit. We existing players put huge amount of money into leasing deposit and it eats up a huge part of our asset. But the new start-ups have the advantage here!

mmh - don’t know why, but I think I have read the total oposite of this opinion somewhere today …

I can agree with the other player, there are 787’s going for 1mil and i have done deposits of 6.5mil

And whats the Problem of trying to get one cheap one for yourself?.. exchange the airplanes… Get yourself a chaeper one and get rid of the expensive one … the opportunities are there for everybody …

I agree with ^^^^ him stop moaning about it and go buy/lease some of those planes.

yeahh but you’ve gotta look at this. The B737-400 use to be around 4-7mil too buy since its an older plane, now its 34-51mil even for its age WTF!!! Why did you guys do this? Same goes for the md-82 which was 5mil, A320 which was 8mil. Now they are all back too pull price even for older aircraft…not cool!

Do you also read or just write complains? It takes some time for the new market to set all prices how they’re “needed”!!! Is this really so difficult to understand? God dammit… it will make more fair prices for any plane and it will also make the A340-500 and 777-200LR (for example) lucrative planes. Just wait.

kinda got a point here. The A340 and B777 were two planes which were basically pointless before since the lease and purchase rates were so high so you’re airline would suffer rather than expand.